AME 3623: Embedded Real-Time Systems

Note: schedule and readings are subject to change.

RTDS = Real Time Systems Development, Rob Williams

Class # Date Topic Reading Assignment Due
1 Tue, Jan 15 Class Introduction Syllabus
2 Thu, Jan 17 Circuits Review: Ohms/Kirchoff's
Laws; Resistors; Capacitors
Pencasts: Day 2
3 Tue, Jan 22 Circuits: Light Emitting Diodes;
Analog Comparators
Diode Introduction (read up to P-N junctions)
Diode Details (read Light Emitting Diodes)
Pencasts: Day 3
4 Thu, Jan 24 Logic Review: AND/OR/NOT gates;
Binary Numbers
Basic gates
Boolean Algebra
Derived gates
XOR function
Binary Encoding
Binary/Decimal Conversion
5 Tue, Jan 29 Signed and Unsigned Integers Binary Math (read through
Assignment Operators)
Negative Binary Numbers
Pencasts: Day 5
6 Thu, Jan 31 Processors I: Registers, memory,
Arithmetic Logical Units, Execution Process
Memory Concepts
Read-only Memory
7 Tue, Feb 5 Processors II n/a n/a
8 Thu, Feb 7 Processors III: Digital I/O ports on the Atmel,
Digital I/O in C
Microprocessor Programming
Arduino Mega 2560 schematic
9 Tue, Feb 12 Circuit Building in Practice Breadboards
Handling components
One team member: EagleCad tutorial
10 Thu, Feb 14 Atmel Programming Basics Atmel HOWTO: for class, install winAVR
and (if necessary) AVR Studio
Serial I/O functions on the Atmel
11 Tue, Feb 19 Atmel Programming Basics II n/a n/a
12 Thu, Feb 21 snow day n/a
13 Tue, Feb 26 Project 1
In-class Project Work
Project 1 Project 1 All: sign-off on Atmel programming
14 Thu, Feb 28 Analog/Digital Conversion Analog and Digital Information
Conversion Between Analog and Digital
Successive Approximation ADC
Pencasts: Day 14
15 Tue, Mar 5 Analog/Digital Conversion II OUlib support for ADC Project 2 Project 1
16 Thu, Mar 7 Midterm Review
Project 2
Project 2
17 Tue, Mar 12 Midterm n/a
18 Thu, Mar 14 DC motor control & H-Bridges n/a One team member: oscilloscope and serial tutorials
- Tue, Mar 19 Holiday
- Thu, Mar 21 Holiday
19 Tue, Mar 26 Proportional-Derivative Control
Midterm Discussion
PID Control
Motor Control Board section of
the Lab Hardware page
Project 2
20 Thu, Mar 28 Counters and Timers I: Atmel Implementation
Project 3
Notes on Timers and Counters
Project 3
Project 3
21 Tue, Apr 2 Counters and Timers II: Interrupts Notes on Timers and Counters
22 Thu, Apr 4 Counters and Timers III n/a Project 3 Checkpoint
23 Tue, Apr 9 Finite State Machines I: Theory A FSM Gaming Example
RTSD Chapter 5 (see D2L)
24 Thu, Apr 11 Finite State Machines II:
Garage Door Controller
RTSD Chapter 6 (see D2L)
Project 3
25 Tue, Apr 16 Finite State Machines III: Implementation in C
Project 4
Project 4 Project 4
26 Thu, Apr 18 Sensor Control: Sonar Example
In-class Project Work
Devantech Sonar Unit
27 Tue, Apr 23 Serial Communication Introduction to RS232 Communication
Project 4 checkpoint
28 Thu, Apr 25 In-class Project Work n/a
29 Tue, Apr 30 Interrupts and the Shared Data Problem Continue on Notes on Timers and Counters Project 4
Pencasts: TBA
30 Thu, May 2 Final Exam Review n/a
31 Mon, May 6 Final Exam: 8-10am

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