AME 3623: Project 2:
Analog to Digital Conversion and Sensor Interfaces

Project Objectives

At the end of this project, you should be able to:

Project Components

All components are required to receive full credit for the project.

Part 1: Microcontroller Circuit

Add new components to your circuit:

Part 2: Rate Gyro

Note: this part will count for one personal programming credit

Add to your main program:

Implement the following functions to support your main() function (these are requirements):

Part 3: Distance Sensors

Note: this part will count for one personal programming credit

Define a new variable type in "project.h":

typedef enum {
   LEFT = 0,
   RIGHT = 1

DistanceSide is the variable type. LEFT and RIGHT are the two values that DistanceSide variables can take on. Remember to include "project.h" in your C file and add it to the Solution Explorer.

Implement the following functions:

Part 4: Hovercraft Layout

Mount the following to your Frisbee: Let us know if you need any additional components for mounting.



What to Hand In

All components of the project are due by Tuesday, March 26th at 5:00pm.


Group grade distribution:

Group Grading Rubric

Grades for individuals will be based on the group grade, but weighted by the assessed contributions of the group members to the non-personal programming items.

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