Note: these notes are tailored to the Arduino Mega board with an atmega2560 processor. There are complementary notes for the atmega8.

Step 1: Installation

See Installing the AVR Tools

Step 2 (AVR Studio): Creating and compiling your program

For class, the following files can be found in your svn tree. If you are not using this tree, then grab a current version of OUlib: libou_atmega2560.a and oulib.h and place it in your project directory (or place a shortcut to these files in your project directory). Also download oulib_serial_buffered.h and buffer.h.

See the AVRstudio discussion (NOTE: AVAILABLE SOON).

  • In creating your C program you may start with this sample program: led_flash.c

    Common Problems

    With AVRstudio (version 6), it is not uncommon for things to be working, and then suddenly stop working (with respect to compiling and downloading)

    Step 2 (non-AVR Studio): Creating and compiling your program

    Step 3: A Basic Circuit

    You may use the original mega2560/first_circuit.sch file if you wish (this is an Eaglecad file).



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