AME 3623: Embedded Real-Time Systems: Pencasts

I am using pencasts this semester to cover some of our traditional lecture material in way that is viewable outside of class. This will allow us to do more interactive learning during the class time. Viewing these pencasts replaces your homework activities. you are responsible for the material before the class meets, although we will reserve some time in class to answer any questions that you may have. Remember that part of the in-class work will consist of graded exercises that rely on the pencast material.

Pencasts consist of synchronized sound and drawing information (the drawing is revealed at the time you hear the corresponding audio). When viewing pencasts:

Note that although I will give example problems and solutions in the pencasts, you should try to solve the problems yourself before viewing my solution.

Pencasts should work with modern versions of Safari, Google-Chrome and Internet Explorer. I have not had good luck with Firefox. Please let me know ASAP if you have any trouble viewing these pencasts.

Day 2: Resistors/Capacitors

Day 3: Diodes

Day 5: Binary Representations

Day 14: Digital/Analog Representations

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