AME 3623: Project 4: Beacon Following II

In project 2, we designed a robot controller that followed a sequence of beacons; in project 3, we modified the beacons so that they would transmit an 8-bit number. In this project we will bring these two together.

Project Goals

Project Due Date

Deadline: Thursday, May 5th.


  1. Beacons will transmit a data packet at a the same interval as in project 3. The 8-bit number that is contained within the packet will encode both the beacon's ID # and the ID # of another beacon.

  2. The initial target beacon is ID=1.

  3. The robot will lock onto the target beacon and begin to move toward it.

  4. While moving toward the target beacon, the robot will search for a beacon that matches the second ID number. This beacon may occur to the robot's left or right.

  5. Once the second beacon is found, it will become the target beacon.

  6. If the beacon ID=0, then the robot will stop. Otherwise, continue with step 3.


Robot interface: the same as those used/developed in projects 2 and 3.

Inter-processor communication: there are two pins on the Mega8 that can be configured to operate as serial input and output. The input line is: PD0; the output line is: PD1. When you use any character output routine (e.g., printf()), this will generate a signal on the output line. Likewise, when you use a character input routine (e.g., scanf(), this will listen on the input line). See the Standard IO Facilities documentation for AVRlib for all of the detail. Also - we will make some sample code available soon...


What to Hand In

Project Report

Your report should include the following: The reports are due at 5:00 on May 5th. We prefer that these be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box (one copy per group) in either postscript or pdf format.

Personal Reports

Your personal report must include the following information:

The personal reports are due at 5:00 on May 5th. These must be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box in raw text format.

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