AME 3623: Project 3: Asynchronous serial communication

A set of beacons will be provided that produce a byte sequence that encodes a unique 8-bit number.

Project Goals

To gain experience in:

Project Due Date

Deadline: Thursday, April 14th.


Construct an ATMEL-based circuit that will:
  1. Detect the packet transmitted by a beacon

  2. Filter packets that are in error

  3. For packets without errors: display the 8-bit number using LEDs. If no packet has been detected in the last second, then display nothing.

Bit Specification

Data Frame Specification

A single byte of data will be encoded as follows:

Packet Specification


A single output line has been added to the interface board. This output line carries the raw data from the left turret sensor.


What to Hand In

Project Report

Your report should include the following: The reports are due at 5:00 on April 14th. We prefer that these be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box (one copy per group) in either postscript or pdf format.

Personal Reports

Your personal report must include the following information: The personal reports are due at 5:00 on April 14th. These must be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box in raw text format.

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