AME 3623: Project 2: Beacon Following I

In project 1, we designed a robot controller that was capable of orienting to and then moving toward an infrared beacon. In this project, we will expand on this experience: you will program your robot to follow a particular sequence of beacons.

Project Goals

To gain experience in:

Project Due Date

Deadline extended to: Friday, April 1st.

Robot Task

The robot will operate in two primary phases:

Within either of these phases, an exception may occur if the robot loses sight of the forward beacon (as defined by both the left and right sensor signal strengths dropping to "00"). If this exception occurs, then:

Test Courses

We will use a set of standard test courses for demonstration purposes. We already have one set up in the lab. We will document the others shortly.

Design Process

  1. Design

  2. Implementation


Robot Interface

The interface to the robot is identical to that which you used in project 1.

What to Hand In

Project Report

Your report should include the following: The reports are due at 5:00 on April 1st. We prefer that these be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box (one copy per group) in either postscript or pdf format.

Personal Reports

Your personal report must include the following information: The personal reports are due at 5:00 on April 1st. These must be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box in raw text format.

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