Mobile Manipulation: Paper Assignments

  1. March 10: Andrew H. Fagg: Randomized Path Planning - A Tutorial
  2. March 24: Lingzhou Lu: Reducing the Barrier to Entry of Complex Robotic Software: a MoveIt! Case Study
  3. March 24: Colton Hurt: Rapidly-Exploring Random Trees: Progress and Prospects

  4. March 31: David Harrison: Interactive Adaptation of Real-Time Object Detectors
  5. April 7: (we are in 5PP this day; Room 1104): Zachary Roux: Hierarchical Semantic Labeling for Task-Relevant RGB-D Perception
  6. April 7: Sean McDonough: Semantic Grasping: Planning Robotic Grasps Functionally Suitable for An Object Manipulation Task
  7. April 14: John Johnson: Learning Haptic Representation for Manipulating Deformable Food Objects
  8. April 21: Nicholas Cooper: Active Reward Learning
  9. April 28: Megan Robinson: Data Association for Semantic World Modeling from Partial Views
  10. April 28: Thai Nguyen: Bridging the Gap Between Semantic Planning & Continuous Control for Mobile Manipulation Using a Graph-Based World Representation.

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