Project 1: Digital Input/Output

Project Goals

At the end of this project, you should be able to:

Circuit Overview

By the end of the semester, you will have a circuit on a single breadboard that includes the following components:

Not on the breadboard, but connected to it will be:

Project 1 Requirements

For project 1, your circuit with associated software must be able to:

As you are laying out the circuit on your breadboard, keep in mind the space requirements of the components that you will be installing later in the semester.

Project Components

All components are required to receive full credit for the project.

Part 1: Microcontroller Circuit

Create a mega2560-based circuit on a solderless breadboard.

Part 2: Compass Interface

Note: this part will count for one personal programming credit

Create a software interface to the craft. Implement the following functionality:

Part 3: Sensor Processing and Display

Note: this part will count for one personal programming credit

Implement the following functions:

Part 4: Lift Fan

Holes have already been cut in your frisbees (and in some cases, a fan is already mounted). For this project, you need to make sure that the fan is adequately sealed over the hole.



What to Hand In

All components of the project are due by Thursday, March 1st at 5:00pm.


Personal programming credit: Group grade distribution:

Grades for individuals will be based on the group grade, but weighted by the assessed contributions of the group members to the non-personal programming items.

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