AME 3623: Project 1: Digital Logic Robot Controller

Due date: Tuesday, March 1

There will be two infrared beacons located within the environment. Your robot's task will be to:

  1. Lock onto a beacon (the robot will be placed such that the beacon is initially in partial view).

  2. Move toward the beacon.

  3. Stop when a second beacon is detected to the left of the robot.

Robot interface

Beacon Receivers

A total of four infrared receivers will be mounted onto the robot. Two will be mounted in a fixed configuration at the front of the robot. The remaining two will be mounted on a controllable turret.

For each receiver, you will have access to 2 digital bits of state information. These bits encode the strength of the signal, which changes as a function of distance to and alignment with the beacon. The encoding is as follows:

B1 B0 Signal Interpretation
0 0 No signal
0 1 Low signal
1 0 Medium signal
1 1 High signal

Robot Control

The robot uses a pair of treads to move. By driving the treads in the appropriate manner, the robot is able to turn left/right, to translate forward/backward, or to mix translation with turning. For this lab, you will control the motion of the robot through a simple digital interface consisting of 3 input lines. The semantics of this digital interface are as follows:

C2 C1 C0 Robot motion
0 0 0 Stop
0 0 1 Forward
0 1 0 Left
0 1 1 Right
1 0 0 Forward-Left
1 0 1 Forward-Right
1 1 0 Backward
1 1 1 x

Turret Control

The turret is controlled with 2 digital bits. The semantics of these are as follows:

T1 T0 Turret state
0 0 Face forward
0 1 Face left
1 0 Face right
1 1 x

Materials to Hand In

Project Report

Your report should include the following: The reports are due at 5:00 on March 1st. These must be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box (one copy per group) in either postscript or pdf format.

Personal Reports

Your personal report must include the following information: The personal reports are due at 5:00 on March 1st. These must be turned in via the Blackboard drop-box in raw text format.

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