Improvise with Gestures (2020–present)
Over the course of the project, we have been steadily incorporating new interaction capabilities and design features into Improvise. Improvise is available as open source software under the GNU Affero General Public License. The Improvise downloads page provides the most recent version of Improvise (currently version 1.4) as cross-platform executables, along with source code.
The source code includes the latest code for the data editing extensions to Coordinated Queries data processing pipeline, the event handling and collation components of the gesture architecture, Swing and JavaFX event adapters for use with the gesture architecture in views, Coordinated Queries library additions to support access to the gesture architecture by view modules and in the visualization builder user interface.
The geometrie framework is in ongoing development, currently to populate it with essential geometries and geometric relations. It is not included in the version 1.4 release, but is planned for inclusion in the next release.
The JavaFX view architecture and view module implementations are incubating on a branch of the Improvise codebase. Both are planned for inclusion in a future release. Longer range development will focus on incrementally replacing the current Swing-based Improvise builder and browser user interfaces with JavaFX versions to better support the new view architecture.