Grad school, UCSD PhD math
Professor, Computer Science, Colorado State University
Some books and papers
Some children, all of whom turned into decent people
Networked systems startup,
Santa Cruz ... belly up
Computing research for oilmen who didn't care about the
research, but paid well, anyway
More books and papers
A couple years in Houston ...more cosmopolitan than you think
Professor and Chair, Computer Science, Univ of Oklahoma
Embedded systems startup, Mountain View ... belly up
Married Lucy
Back to OU, Professor
Summers in Santa Cruz ... medical
image software development
Found out fig trees grow in Oklahoma
   ... well, they're bushes, really, but good for a few hundred figs a year
More books and papers
Beseme project (just google "Beseme")
Nine LA Marathons ... always finished, never finished last
Found out that 45% of Americans think the earth is less than
10,000 years old
Gave up on democracy