Dean F. Hougen Research in Robotic Intelligence and Machine Learning

I have done no research on Robotic Intelligence and/or Machine Learning in the Laboratory for Robotic Intelligence and Machine Learning at the University of Oklahoma. Pretty exciting, isn't it?

Well, frankly, I am excited. The reason I'm excited is the same reason that I haven't yet done any research in the Laboratory for Robotic Intelligence and Machine Learning at the University of Oklahoma - it doesn't exist yet, but it will soon!

As I write this web page, I can hear the construction taking place down the hall - they're tearing out the wall to expand the former conference room for the School of Computer Science into my lab space.

That's right, my lab space. I'm not just another researcher in this lab, I'm its founder, director, principal investigator - whatever you want to call its originator and leader, I am he.

That isn't to say that I'll be working alone from now on. Far from it. All science these days takes collaboration and in an interdisciplinary field like Artificial Intelligence, collaboration is king.

Among those with whom I'll be collaborating are David Miller (over in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, here at OU), Tom Ray (over in Zoology), Mark Bedau (who is working to establish the Oklahoma Center for Adaptive Systems), and many of my former colleagues from the University of Minnesota, including Nikos Papanikolopoulos and Maria Gini.

Naturally, I'll be working with students as well. In fact, I have one open position for a research assistant at this time, so if you are interested, please send me email at I am particularly interested in Ph.D. students.

No, having one's own lab isn't about working alone, its about setting the research agenda for the lab. To see the research agenda for my lab, please see my Statement of Research Philosophy, Interests, Experience, and Goals. However, just because I'm setting the agenda doesn't mean I'm not interested in hearing your ideas.

If you are planning to apply for an RA position with me, I want to know what you are interested in studying. One of the primary ways I will choose assistants, besides basic qualifications, is by comparing your research interests to mine. Your interests should mesh well with mine, so that we can both accomplish our objectives by working together, but they shouldn't be a mere subset of mine. I am not interested in hiring technicians to carry out my research for me, I am interested in having student colleagues to work with to our collective benefit.

If you aren't planning to apply for an RA position with me, but do have interests in Artificial Intelligence and would like to discuss them with me, fee free to drop me an email or two.

In any case, watch this space. This is the section of my web pages that will be changing the fastest as the lab comes on line. I hope you find it informative.

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