CS 2603 - Applied Logic for Hardware and Software - Spring 2015

Course Title:
Applied Logic for Hardware and Software

Dean Hougen, Devon Energy Hall 242, 405-325-3150, hougen@ou.edu

Teaching Assistant:
Nafis Zaman, Devon Energy Hall 210, nafis@ou.edu

Class Hours:
Tuesday, Thursday 9:00-10:15, DEH 120

Office Hours:
Dean Hougen
Monday 10:30-11:30, Tuesday 10:30-11:30, Thursday 4:30-5:30; Devon Energy Hall 242
Nafis Zaman
Monday 1:45-2:45, Wednesday 4:30-5:30; Devon Energy Hall 115

Class Materials:
Hugs for Mac
Hugs for Windows (minimal)
Hugs for Windows (full)
Hugs source code (minimal) [compile using "make"]
Hugs source code (full) [compile using "make"]
JHugs (Hugs on Java VM) [run using "java -jar hugs.jar"]
Standard Library for Applied Logic
Homework 2
Homework 3
Homework 4
Homework 5
Homework 6
Homework 9A
Homework 7
Homework 8
Homework 9B
Homework 10
Homework 11
Homework 12
Exam Study Materials

Extracurricular Materials:
Research Opportunities
A wide variety of paid summer research experiences for undergraduates sponsored by the National Science Foundation