CS 2334—Spring 2012

Course Title:
Programming Structures and Abstractions

Dean Hougen, Devon Energy Hall 242, 405-325-3150, hougen@ou.edu

Teaching Assistants:
Kendra Clay, Devon Energy Hall 210, Kendra.C.Clay-1@ou.edu
Khondker Hasan, Devon Energy Hall 210, shajadul@ou.edu

Class Hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30-9:20, Devon Energy Hall 120

Lab Hours:
Section 011 (Khondker Hasan): Thursday 10:30-12:20, Sarkeys Energy Center P201
Section 012 (Kendra Clay): Thursday 12:30-2:20, Adams Hall 101

Proposed Office Hours:
Dean Hougen
Monday 9:30-10:30, Wednesday 3:00-4:00, Friday 10:30-11:30; Devon Energy Hall 242
Kendra Clay
Tuesday 2:00-3:00, Thursday 4:00-5:00; Devon Energy Hall 115
Khondker Hasan
Tuesday 9:30-10:30, Thursday 3:00-4:00; Devon Energy Hall 115

Class Materials:
Documentation Requirements
Submission Instructions
Code Examples
Exams from Previous Semesters

Extracurricular Materials:
Research Opportunities
A wide variety of paid summer research experiences for undergraduates sponsored by the National Science Foundation