Research Opportunities in the Symbiotic Computing Lab

The faculty role at the university is twofold: teaching (conveying of knowledge and skill) and research (the creation of new knowledge and/or applying knowledge to novel problems). The research process is an exciting one because we are always working to push the boundary of what is known a little bit further out. As part of this process, we collaborate with others doing research, often from other fields -- we learn from each other, challenge each other's assumptions and models and, if all goes well, create something that is fundamentally new and that changes the world in a positive way.

Research is not something that one wakes up one day and can do well - it is the result of a learning process, in and of itself, that requires time and dedication. I invite students interested pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computational neuroscience, robotics and brain-machine interfaces to join my lab's endeavor in research. This can start by attending our regular meetings of the lab or of one of the subgroups. But, to truly become involved, one must begin to work on a research project. Often, this starts as a small, semester-long project as a volunteer or as an independent study student. However, this can lead to paid positions that are part time during the academic year (and possibly full time for undergraduate students during the summer).

Volunteer and/or independent study positions include:

Possible paid positions include:

Application Procedure

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