Rodney: Genetic Walking

Rodney is a six-legged walking machine. This platform has been used to explore the use of Genetic Algorithms for the development of neural oscillator circuits that can produce walking movements. A primary contribution of this work is the idea applying staged learning as a way of attacking the high-dimensionality of the search space.

Participants: Tony Lewis and Andrew Fagg


Lewis, M. A., Fagg, A. H., Bekey, G. A., Genetic Algorithms for Gait Synthesis in a Hexapod Robot, in Recent Trends in Mobile Robots, Y. Zheng Ed., Chapter 11, pp. 317-331

Lewis, M. A., Fagg, A. H., Solidum, A., Genetic Programming Approach to the Construction of a Neural Network for Control of a Walking Robot the Proceedings of the 1992 IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation, May, Nice, France

This project ended in 1993. If you are interested in this project please send email to either