Current Students (Alphabetical Order)

Some Notes for Prospective Students

Due to a large volume of emails that I receive I am not able to respond to all the emails by prospective students. However, if you do want to come to the University of Oklahoma and work as a graduate student in the School of Computer Science, first and foremost you need to apply to become a student here!

Seeking PhD Students

I am currently seeking to recruit PhD students! Having said that, PhD takes time, dedication, and effort (both from the student, as well as from the advisor). Hence, I think that a very good way so that we can both understand if we are a good match for each other, is for you to first enroll in the Computational Learning Theory class that I offer. Through this class you can have a better understanding of the work that I do and see if you like working in a similar direction. Similarly, by taking this class you will give me the opportunity to have a better understanding of your background, your interests, your approach to solving problems, etc. Eventually you will need to perform well in the class and not just find its content cool if you want to do work with me along similar lines.