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Sample of Beseme Project Teaching Materials on Discrete Mathematics

A syllabus describing course goals, textbook, reading assignments, and schedule, together with four lectures illustrating the overall level and style of presentation are accessible from links on this page.

Twenty-nine lectures for a course in discrete mathematics with special emphasis on reasoning about software, homework assignments and solutions, examinations, review cribsheets, a sample syllabus, and software tools used in the course are accessible through a site login procedure available to instructors.

The syllabus is presented in Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF) and the lectures are presented in both Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) format and Adobe Acrobat Reader formats.

Syllabus, Schedule, and Reading Assignments

Sample Lectures

Complete Lecture Index

  • Lecture 1: Learning Goals, Lesson Plans, and Logic
  • Lecture 2: Proofs, Propositions, and Calculuses
  • Lecture 3: Truth, Inference, and the Logical Way
  • Lecture 4: Inference Rules, Dude
  • Lecture 5: What Not and Rules Galore
  • Lecture 6: To Be or Not To Be and Other Conundrums
  • Lecture 7: Equational Reasoning: Back to the Future
  • Lecture 8: Deriving Absurdity And The Big Surprise
  • Lecture 9: Predicate Calculus: Propositions Plus Plus
  • Lecture 10: Propositional Calculus Review
  • Lecture 11: Quantify What? Reasoning with Predicates
  • Lecture 12: Boolean Algebra, Predicate Algebra, Software Algebra
  • Lecture 13: A Little Bit of Set Theory
  • Lecture 14: Recursion: ok … now we’re cooking with gas
  • Lecture 15: The Principle of Mathematical Induction
  • Lecture 16: Induction Induction Induction ...
  • Lecture 17: Strong Induction: Induction at a Discount
  • Lecture 18: How Does It Work in the Real World?
  • Lecture 19: Predicate Calculus, Set Theory, Recursion, and Induction Review
  • Lecture 20: Loops Invariants
  • Lecture 21: Trees and Inductive Definitions
  • Lecture 22: Building Search Trees and Doing It In Good Time
  • Lecture 23: Still Building...
  • Lecture 24: Fast Peasants: Computation Time and The Big O
  • Lecture 25: Relations
  • Lecture 26: Functions
  • Lecture 27: Discrete Mathematics Review
  • Bonus Lecture 1: Grammars and Backus-Naur Form
  • Bonus Lecture 2: Graphs, Circuit, and Spanning Trees
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