Sharing Team Files - Unix Groups>

ECN has associated your userID with a Unix group. The name of the group is your team name, spelled without any capital letters. This will enable your team to share files among themselves without making them accessible to everyone.

To confirm that your userID has been appropriately associated with your team name, use the Unix command groups. If you enter this command from the keyboard, Unix will display the list of groups that your account is associated with on the screen. One of these should be your team name. If its not, let me know by email.

Example - checking to make sure Unix has placed you in a team group
%ECNsystemPrompt groups <-- Unix command to list groups associated with userID
student augustsson <-- Unix response
One way to organize the files you want to share with your team is to create a directory to be used for shared files. The team should agree on a name that all team members will use for this file-sharing directory - the team name, perhaps. Then, use the following procedure to set permissions so that all other team members have read-access to the files in that directory.
Example - Sharing a file with fellow members of Team Augustsson
%ECNsystemPrompt chmod 711 . <-- sets permissions to allow group access
[That's "chmod space 711 space period". Do this just once - effect persists forever]
%ECNsystemPrompt mkdir augustsson <-- creates directory named augustsson [Do this only once - the directory persists]
%ECNsystemPrompt cp script.lhs augustsson/ <-- copies file to file-sharing directory
%ECNsystemPrompt chgrp -R 750 augustsson augustsson <-- makes directory augustsson and files in it belong to group augustsson
%ECNsystemPrompt chmod -R 750 augustsson <-- sets permissions to allow group access
To copy a file shared in this way from a fellow team member's file space to your current directory, use a tilde-reference in the copy command and designate the fellow team member's userID.
Example - Copying a shared file from the file space of a fellow member of Team Augustsson
%ECNsystemPrompt cp ~rksmythe/augustsson/script.lhs . <-- copies script.lhs from Ruby Smythe's file space to yours
[Don't forget the tilde before the userID and the space-period at the end.]
To remove a file from your file-sharing directory, use the Unix remove command and put the directory name in front of the file name, separated from it by a slash.
Example - Removing a file from file-sharing directory for Team Augustsson
%ECNsystemPrompt rm augustsson/script.lhs <-- removes script.lhs from your file-sharing directory
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