CS 1323 Honors, Fall 1996

Team Project D
Catalog Orders File

Due Wednesday, December 4, 4:30pm, FH303

What to Hand In

Project Description

Construct a C program prompts the person at the keyboard for catalog orders and creates a file containing those orders.

In the file, each order will consist of a person name (line 1), street address (line 2), city, state, and zipcode (line 3), a date (line 4), and a sequence of items (one per line, lines 5 to n), then a line containing the total dollar amount for the order (computed from the amounts entered on the item lines), and finally an empty line.

Order information will be entered from the keyboard in the same way as in Individual Project 9, and entries in the file will conform to the standard forms specified in that project. You will have to decide how to terminate the entry of items for individual customers and how to terminate the entry of customer orders.

Program Organization

The program must be organized as a collection of modules. Your team is responsible for designing the modular organization. The organization should provide a coherent logical context that communicates the structure of the computation, and it should facilitate independent work on parts of the program by different people.

Ground Rules

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