CS 1323 Honors, Fall 1996

Team Project B
Ecology Simulation

Due Wednesday, October 9, 4:29pm, FH303

What to Hand In

Project Description

Define a function
displayRabbitCoyotePopulationTrajectory :: Int -> Int -> Int -> [Float] -> [Float] -> String

Arguments (in the order in which they appear in invocations):
width :: Int - width of lines to be displayed in picture
height :: Int - number of lines to be displayed in picture
period :: Int - number of months to simulate
[i, s, e, g] :: [Float] - coefficients of Lotka-Volterra model
[r0, c0] :: [Float] - initial rabbit and coyote populations
From information constructed by displayChart, combined with appropriate information from other functions defined in Individual Project 4, this function must deliver a string depicting the trajectory of the rabbit/coyote populations predicted by the Lotka-Volterra model for the given period, coefficients, and initial populations.

Some combinations of coefficients lead to cyclic populations, others to extinction of one or both species. Here are some coefficients and initial populations that lead to a cycle:

[i, s, e, g] = [0.04, 0.1, 0.002, 0.03]
[r0, c0] = [1000, 10]

Program Organization

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