Syllabus for CS 1323 Honors - Fall 1996
Rex Page (http://www.cs.ou.edu/faculty/page) Office Hours: Tuesdays 2:00-5:00
email: page@ou.edu
Class Meetings
Monday/Wednesday 4:30-5:45, 303 Felgar Hall
Math 1523 Elementary Functions + Admission to the OU Honors Program
Required Texts
Haskell in Two Dozen Short Lessons , Rex Page, 1996 (Ava Copy, OU Memorial Union)
On to C , Patick Winston, Addison-Wesley, 1994
Report on the Programming Language Haskell, Version 1.3, John Peterson et al, 1996
On-line Report: (http://haskell.cs.yale.edu/haskell-report/haskell-report.html)
Related Information: (http://www.cs.yale.edu/HTML/YALE/CS/haskell/yale-fp.html)
Required Work
Individual Projects (approximately weekly) 15%
Individual Midterm Exam 1, September 25 (4:30pm, FH303) 10%
Individual Midterm Exam 2, November 6 (4:30pm, FH303) 10%
Team Projects (approximately biweekly) 15%
Team Readiness Assurance Tests (one or two per week) 15%
Individual Final Exam, December 19 (10:30am-11:30am, FH303) 15%
Team Final Exam, December 19 (11:30am-12:30pm, FH303) 20%
Learning Goals
Successful students will be able to design and construct software for tasks in areas such as text processing, information representation and display, and data organization and retrieval. Their software will use principles of abstraction and encapsulation to accomplish primary goals of clarity and correctness. It will be of moderate complexity - 25-100 line programs in Haskell, 50-200 line programs in C.

Features of Haskell covered include definitions, sequences, functions, types, classes, intrinsic operators, libraries, higher-order functions, polymorphism, structures, recursive data types, recursive functions, file input/output, and interactive input/output.

Features of C covered include variables, ifs, loops, interactive input/output, file input/output, functions, and arrays, but not structures.

More on Goals: http://www.cs.ou.edu/cs1323h/courseDescriptions/courseGoals.html

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