Activities Fall 2014

  • Week 1: But First, Let Me Have Elections

    Elections and Lego Mindstorms

  • Week 2: The Best Thing Since Sliced Breadboards

    Getting Started in OURC

  • Week 3: Oh the Arduinos You'll Program

    Basics of Arduinos

  • Week 4: The Little Chassis that Could

    Basics of Chassis

  • Week 5: Planes, Trains, and Legomobiles

    Drive Systems

  • Week 6: March of the EAGLES

    EAGLE Overview

  • Week 7: The Sense is Strong With This One

    Sensors, Digital and Analog

  • Week 8: We're Coming Home

    Pomping Week

  • Week 9: Great Things Come In Small Packages


  • Week 10: Like Bluetooth, But More Expensive


  • Week 11: OURC and the Prisoner of Control

    Motor Controls

  • Week 12: Mighty Fine Shindig

    End of Semester Party

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