How to Connect to the OU TurtleBots

These instructions are designed for your use with the CSN desktop computers in Felgar Hall 300. They refer to the machine that you are sitting at (CSN desktop computer) as the local computer and the laptop computer that is carried by the TurtleBot as the remote computer.

Connecting to an OU TurtleBot

  1. Check to make sure that the following are set up correctly and ready to go:
    1. TurtleBot laptop is turned on and awake.
    2. TurtleBot laptop is connected to its base via one USB cable and to its Xtion sensor via a second USB cable.
    3. TurtleBot base is turned on.
    4. Local computer is connected to the switch with the wireless router.
  2. Open a terminal on your local machine and connect to the remote machine via ssh: ssh -Y turtlebot@turtlebot_name
You are now connected to an OU TurtleBot and should be able to start using it.

Using an OU TurtleBot