How to use Hummingbird Exceed to Access CSN Computers

The following instructions should allow you to create an Xserver connection with a machine in the CSN from an ECS imaged Windows machine.

  1. Traverse the following Start Menu Path:
            Start ->
                Programs ->
                    General Software ->
                        Hummingbird Connectivity ->
                            Exceed ->
                                 and finally click on Exceed (whew!)
  2. Right click on the exceed button on the program bar.
            Select Tools ->
                Session Startup ->
  3. Click the Options button in the Run X Server container.
  4. Set Window Mode to Single.
  5. Set Startup Mode to XDMCP-query
  6. Set Connect host to one of the following:
  7. Check the box for "Prompt for X Server Restart" and click Ok.
  8. Click Run! On the Menu Bar. The screen will change to a full screen X emulation and you will be able to log in and run your X-apps.

REMEMBER: Printing from the X-apps will still go to the el158 printer.