Projects -- Electronic Submissions

To submit your projects electronically, please follow the directions below carefully.

  1. Create a directory of all of the files you wish to submit. Make sure this directory doesn't include any files you do not wish to submit. For each project this will include:

  2. Create a tar file of the contents of this directory. The name of this file should be based on the name of the team member submitting the project. (Please note, only one electronic and one hard copy submission should be made for each team. The write-up must contain that names and student ID numbers of all team members.) The format of the name will be <OUNETID>-Project-<NUMBER>.tar. So, for example, if the team member submitting the project had an OUNETID of talk9876, then for project 1, this team's tar file would be talk9876-Project-1.tar. They could create this file by making the directory of files to submit be their current working directory (using cd to change to the proper directory), then typing:

        % tar -cvf talk9876-Project-1.tar *

  3. Email the tar file to the TA as a mime attachment. The subject line of the email should contain the line 3113 PROJECT <NUMBER> SUBMISSION, where <NUMBER> is replaced by the project number (i.e., for project one the subject line would be 3113 PROJECT 1 SUBMISSION). The body of the message should contain the name of the student submitting the project. You should also send a copy of the message to yourself, to verify that the mail was sent. To do all this, the hypothetical student mentioned above could use the following line:

        % echo "Frank Talk" | mutt -x -a talk9876-Project-1.tar -c -s "3113 PROJECT 1 SUBMISSION"

After you submit your files, do not touch anything in the directory of files you are submitting. If something goes wrong with the submit submission, we can only verify that you had completed the assignment on time by checking the time stamps on the files in your submission directory. If you edit them, or copy over them, or touch them in any other way, their time stamps will be changed and it will appear that you were not done on time.

If you want to resubmit your project for any reason (e.g., you realize that you have done something wrong in your code or that you forgot to include one of the files in your submission), you may do so up to two times (i.e., one original submission and two re-submissions). After that, the TA will not grade any re-submissions.

You should also submit hard copies as mentioned in the assignment.