UMass Wearable Computers

The UMass Wearable Computer fleet consists of one PC104-based prototype and five commercially-available systems from Xybernaut. These latter systems will be used for the class. The Xybernauts are 200 MHz Pentium processors equipped with 160 MB of memory, wireless networking, a Twiddler one-handed keyboard, sound I/O, and either a Heads-Up Display (HUD) or a wrist-mounted LCD touch-screen.

UMass Wearable Hardware Details

WearTools Suite

The UMass WearTools Suite consists of a set of device drivers, libraries, and user-level application programs. The suite enable users and application programmers easy access to both sensory data and sound output capabilities, including an on-line speech synthesizer.

Other Installed Software

More UMass-Specific Information

Outstanding Configurational Issues

A number of system components have yet to be brought up. We are working to resolve these issues. Anyone interested in tackling one or more of these items is welcome to help out.

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