UMass Wearables FAQ


Sound services are provided by the alsa drivers.

How do I set the headphone volume?

Use either alsamixer or aumix.

What is a good default sound configuration?

Master: 80%
Master Mono: 100%
PCM: 90%
MIC: 0% (but unmuted)
Input Gain: 87%
PC Speaker volume: 20%

All other channels should be muted.

What are the access permissions of the sound devices?

I checked: only the person logged into the console has access permissions for the audio and mixer devices.

Machine: czi

The display appears to be out of sync with the video signal.

Move the ball joint between the HUD electronics and the LCD element (there appears to be a bad wire).

Machine: pham

The display appears to be out of sync with the video signal.

Don't know the answer to this one yet.

Machine: finn

Sound does not seem to work when the headphones are connected directly to the HUD.

Yes. There seems to be a hardware problem.

Machine: neo

Sound does not seem to work at all.

Yes. There is a problem with the mixer chip.


ViaVoice reports a fair or poor sound level quality

Make sure that you are using the HUD with the computer (not the wrist-mounted display).

If you are using the HUD and microphone, make sure that the microphone element is positioned near and oriented at your mouth (but is not directly in front of your mouth).


XVoice does not seem to work with xterm

Yes. This is a known bug. Try nxterm.


What are the names of the machines?

Their informal names are: finn, idoru, czi (short for Count Zero Interrupt), pham, and neo. Their network hostnames can be found on the machine tracker page.

What does it mean if the 'Update Time' on the machine tracker page is not current?

The machine is most likely off the net.

What do the machine names mean?

This is left as an exercise to the interested reader.

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