CS691W: Introduction to Wearable Computing
Spring 2002

Andrew H. Fagg

With computing devices becoming smaller and smaller, it is now (almost) possible for an individual to don such a device as easily as one does a hat or a jacket. It is clear that these technologies will enable us to ultimately extend the desktop resources (including memory, computation, and communication) to almost anywhere we travel. More importantly, this constant access, augmented by a battery of body-mounted sensors, will enable our computers to be sensitive to the activities in which we are engaged, and thus allow the computer to participate in a collaborative and active manner as we perform our tasks. Realizing this dream requires the synthesis of many areas of computer science, computer engineering, and psychology. These areas include: operating systems, human-computer interaction, embedded systems, computer vision, robotics, computer networks, software architectures, computer security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, information retrieval and computer architecture.

This course will combine seminar-style reading/discussion of the relevant literature with hands-on work with wearable computers. Grades will be based upon presentation and written summaries of papers, participation in the lecture, several homework assignments, degree of assimilation, and a semester-long project. Topics will include:

  • Context sensing and proactive behavior
  • Augmented reality
  • Software organization
  • Wearable interfaces and connections to distributed sensor networks
  • Machine learning for context sensing and proactive presentation of information
  • Audio interfaces
  • Image/sensory processing
  • Ad hoc networks
Prerequisites: a background in embedded systems/robotics/vision, machine learning, operating systems, networks, and various "practical" dimensions (perl, C, unix/linux, java, digital electronics) is ideal. Permission of the instructor is sufficient.

Meeting Time: M 1:30-2:45 and W 2:05-3:20
Location: CS 142



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