Syllabus: CS 503/591C Embedded Systems (Fall 2003)

Course Materials Other Useful Reference Material (at least one copy will be available in the lab)


I will be assuming a familiarity with unix and that students will be able to jump into C programming with little trouble.

Meeting Times and Location

The class will be held T/Th 2:30-3:45 in LGRC A339.

Formal labs will be held in M/W/F 12:20-1:10 in LGRT 214. Because this is a project-intensive course, students should plan to spend much of their non-lecture time in the lab (this means 6-9 hrs/week). In order to accomodate this, we will be holding extended hours on a weekly basis.

NOTE: the lab will not open until Monday, September 8th.

Requirements and Grading

You are expected to attend class regularly, read the assigned reading before class, and participate in class discussions. The course will be graded on a curve.

Late Policies

This course covers a lot of material. Because late assignments will seriously impact your ability to follow the next section of the course, I strongly encourage you to be on time in turning them in. To that end, late homework assignments will not be accepted (no exceptions). In addition, failure to meet a milestone will result in a loss of points.

Cooperation and Cheating

Feel free to discuss homework and labs (both milestones and widgets) with other members of the class, myself, or the TAs. However, do not look at or copy another student's solution to a homework assignment or a milestone (this is considered cheating). Widget "intellectual property" (circuit designs or code) may be transfered freely between students (but only by permission of the owner); the owner may negotiate payment (in terms of points) for licensing the IP.

You may make use of the net as a reference as you are working on homework and labs. However, downloading specific homework, milestone, or widget solutions from the net is considered cheating.

If caught cheating, you will be reported to the University and you will receive a failing grade for the course. For more details, please see the Code of Student Conduct.

Digital Music

We plan to have an MP3/OGG player in the lab (primarily for demonstration purposes). You are welcome to install files for music that you own. But - you may not copy files out of the lab (i.e., no swapping of music files through our machines).

Copyright notice: Many of the materials created for this course are the intellectual property of Andrew Fagg. This includes, but is not limited to, the syllabus, lectures and course notes. Except to the extent not protected by copyright law, any use, distribution or sale of such materials requires the permission of the instructor. Please be aware that it is a violation of university policy to reproduce, for distribution or sale, class lectures or class notes, unless copyright has been explicitly waived by the faculty member.

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