CMPSCI 503/591C: Embedded Systems (Fall 2003)

Course Description

The Embedded Systems course provides an introduction to integrated hardware/software solutions in computational systems with sensing and actuation. Today, products including microwave ovens, VCR's, high-speed trains, automobiles, cochlear implants, and artificial limbs routinely employ a variety of embedded microcontrollers for process control. We will explore the concepts fundamental to these applications while designing and building our own interactive smart room.

The goals of this course include:

This is a very hands-on class: every student will be involved in the design, implementation, and programming for the class project.

Course Status

The class is currently full. If you are interested in taking the class and you are not registered, then you must attend the first day (and hope that someone will drop).

Course Information

Instructor: Andrew H. Fagg
Teaching Assistants: Patrick Deegan (primary) and John Sweeney (backup)

Official class lectures: LGRC A339, T/Th 2:30-3:45
Official class labs: LGRT 214, M/W/F 12:20-1:10
Schedule #: 38779 (lectures), 38780, 38781, 38782 (labs; choose one)
Credits: 4

Lab Hours

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