CMPSCI 377: Operating Systems
Lab 0: Linux Tricks

Due: Feb 5, 2003 23:30

Purpose of Assignment

This assignment is intended to make sure that you are up to speed on some minimal linux skills. This lab will count for 2% of your course lab grade.

Where to do your work

You should do all of your work for this class in the following directory:


Note that unix automatically translates "~" into the string corresponding to your own home directory.

For this lab, place your final submission in the following directory: ~/cs377/lab0/

If your files are not located in the right place, then we will not be able to grade your work. In order to make sure that our robot can pick up your program, please check things by executing the checkhw script with the lab0 parameter (i.e., type "checkhw lab0" at the shell prompt). It will either confirm that you have the correct directory and file(s) or will complain with an appropriate error.

The Problem

Create a file in your ~/cs377/lab0 directory by the name of lab0.txt. In this file, place your name, the class number, and 3-4 lines of text on any topic that you like. Use your imagination.

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