CMPSCI 377: Operating Systems (Spring 2003)

May 28: Final grades are now available.

May 2: Homework 6 is available.

April 8: My office hours on April 8th and 10th (10:00-12:00) will be covered by Huan and Vijay in my office.

April 7: The lab 3 due date has been changed to April 16. The final demos are due no later than April 23 (if you do not demo, we will not grade your program).

April 2: The course schedule has been brought up to date.

March 24: Grade Information is now available.

Note also that Lab 3 proposal comments are now back. Look in your lab3/GRADE.txt file.

March 10: Homework 3 is now available. Note the change in due time.

March 9: As we agreed in class, Lab 2 is now due on March 24th.

March 3: Here are a couple of pointers to good example code resources:

February 25: News group access: within the next day or so, the class newsgroup will be available on campus from as cmpsci.edlab.cs377

In the mean time, you may get to the rcfnews site by ssh'ing over to the EdLab and using tin or knode.

February 22: Lab 2 is available.

February 20: A few people have run into some standard problems with moving things between windows and linux. So - here are a couple of pointers:

- Under linux, you may see warning messages related to not being able to open or create preferences files or related to keymap problems. As far as I know, these are not issues that you need to worry about (I have yet to see a program whose functionality is affected when these warnings are raised).

- Remember that unix file names are case sensitive, whereas windows is not. So - if you are doing things like loading gif images you might find yourself in a situation where things work fine under windows, but mysterious things happen under linux (e.g., your robots and goals do not show up). The first thing to check is that the casing is consistent between your java program and the files that are in your local directory.

February 20: Homework 2 is now available.

February 17: Here is a good discussion about threads under linux. Don't worry so much about the details but pay attention to the distinctions that are made between user/kernel threads and processes.

February 17: Due to the closure of campus for the 18th, we are extending the HW 1 deadline to Wednesday, February 19 at 23:30. Please come to class prepared with last-minute questions.

Also: note the small clarification for question 6b of the HW: "List two conditions/scenarios under which a process transitions from the Running to the Ready state."

February 16: The class news group is available from the following server: The newsgroup name is: cmpsci.edlab.cs377

Note that you will only have access to the newsgroup if you are within the domain.

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