CS 5973: Neuro/Cognitive Robotics Syllabus

General Information

Course Goals and Topics

The goals of this course include:

Topics will include:


Final grades will be computed according to the following distribution:

Paper Discussion Leaders

We will be reading on the order of 40 papers through the course of the semester. Everyone is responsible for reading these papers. However, one student will be designated for each paper as the discussion leader. This leader is responsible for having read the paper thoroughly and for putting together an electronic presentation that he/she will use in class. This presentation should address the following: Note that the discussion leader does not have to have all of the answers (i.e., it is fine to say "I really didn't understand *this*, let's understand it as a group").

Each student should expect to lead the discussion for five papers during the semester.

Paper Summaries

In order to ensure that everyone is keeping up with the readings, I will be collecting one-paragraph summaries of each paper that we discuss in class. These summaries should include a discussion of the key computational points, the experimental approach, and an evaluation of the experimental results. These summaries must be handed in prior to the first class in which we discuss the paper (email is preferred). In order to receive full credit for paper summaries, each student must hand in a total of 30 summaries during the semester; these summaries must be on the papers for which the student did not act as a discussion leader.

Semester Project

The semester-long project constitutes a significant percentage of your class grade. Projects will be experimental in nature, requiring a carefully-designed computational hypothesis, a computer implementation, an experiment, and an analysis of the results. Project topics must be based on a set of at least three papers drawn from the literature; one of these papers must be drawn from the set of papers on the course schedule page. With approval, students may collaborate on projects in groups of size two. In these projects, it must be clear that there is a significant and differentiable contribution that can be made by each student.

A set of project ideas will be made available within the first couple of weeks of the semester.

For those students who do not have a significant background in programming, we will make every effort to design an appropriate collaborative project.

All project-related materials must be handed in on the specified due date: for in-class presentations, you must be ready to present in class; written materials are due at 23:59. Written materials may be handed in via email or the course blackboard.

Key Deadlines

Note that any material may be handed in at any time prior to the deadline.

Course Policies

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