CS 5970-001: Main Class Project

This year's class project will be focused on the use of machine learning methods to enable the robots to learn how to understand the world around them and to act appropriately to solve tasks. In particular, we are interested in how robots can use their experience with the world to acquire sensing, planning and acting skill.

For our project, we will be using Karpal, a Baxter-type robot from Rethink Robotics. We also have access to Yatima, a mobile platform that is built on top of a Segway.

Possible project foci include:

  • Learning how best to grasp an object, based on a variety of properties, including: location, size, shape, color (supervised learning)
  • Learning general grasping skills, based on details of shape as captured in a pointcloud (supervised learning)
  • Putting sequences of actions together to accomplish a larger task (reinforcement learning). Interesting tasks are those that require different sequences of actions, depending on the configuration of objects (including regrasping or repositioning of objects)
  • Learning how to do a cooperative task with a human
  • Learning how to do a cooperative task with another robot

The grading details are available in the syllabus.

Possible Milestones

Possible milestones include:



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