CS/AME/ECE 5970-002:
Advanced Mobile Manipulation Challenge
(Spring 2013)

Mobile Manipulators are robotic systems that are capable of navigating through and interacting with unstructured environments in order to perform a wide range of tasks. Designing control systems for this domain is a non-trivial process, due in part to the complexities of constructing and manipulating flexible and extensible representations of the environment, motor action and task. In this seminar course, we will study the representation, learning, planning and control techniques that are currently driving this field forward. This work will be done in the context of the DARPA Robotics Challenge.

When: Tu/Th 1:30-2:45

Where: Felgar Hall 300

Topics will include:

Course Structure

This class is a project-driven class in which students and faculty will work together to design and implement a solution to the DARPA Robotics Challenge. In particular, our goal is to have a competitive solution in time for the Virtual Robotics Challenge qualification rounds that will be held in early May.

The students and faculty will collaborate in setting project goals and milestones, and in determining the content of lectures and class discussions.

Students will be required to:


Permission of one of the instructors is required to enroll in this course.

Students need to have a solid background in robotics and the Robot Operating System.

Class Materials

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