CS 5970-002: Mobile Manipulation

Note: schedule and readings are subject to change.

Class # Date Topic Reading Assignment Due
1 Tue, Jan 17 Class Introduction Syllabus Class Project
2 Thu, Jan 19 ROS Introduction ROS Installation (PR2 Electric)
ROS Tutorials (beginner level 1-9)
3 Tue, Jan 24 Coordinate Frames in 3D Craig: Chapters 1-2
4 Thu, Jan 26 ROS: Moving Data ROS Tutorials II (beginner level 10-19)
5 Tue, Jan 31 Robot Kinematics Craig: Chapter 3
6 Thu, Feb 2 ROS: PR2 Simulation PR2 Simulator
7 Tue, Feb 7 Robot Kinematics II n/a
8 Thu, Feb 9 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
9 Tue, Feb 14 Mapping and Navigation Thrun et al. (2004) Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with Sparse Extended Information Filters, International Journal of Robotics Research
10 Thu, Feb 16 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
11 Tue, Feb 21 Thrun continued n/a
12 Thu, Feb 23 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
13 Tue, Feb 28 Planning for Manipulators Marder-Eppstein et al. (2010), The Office Marathon: Robust Navigation in an Indoor Office Environment
Konolige et al. (2011) Navigation in Hybrid Metric-Topological Maps
14 Thu, Mar 1 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
15 Tue, Mar 6 Visual Processing and Point Clouds Sucan et al. Combining Planning Techniques for Manipulation Using Realtime Perception
16 Thu, Mar 8 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
17 Tue, Mar 13 Grasping and Grasp Planning Goldfeder and Allen (2011) Data Driven Grasping Autonomous Robots, April, pp. 1-20
Platt et al. (2010) Null Space Grasp Control: Theory and Experiments IEEE Transactions on Robotics, Vol 26, No 2, April
18 Thu, Mar 15 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
- Tue, Mar 20 Holiday
- Thu, Mar 22 Holiday
19 Tue, Mar 27 Representation of State for Planning and Learning Wolf et al. (2010) Combined Task and Motion Planning for Mobile Manipulation Proceedings of the Twentieth International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling
Platt et al. (2011) Efficient planning in non-Gaussian belief spaces and its application to robot grasping, Proceedings of the International Symposium on Robotics Research
20 Thu, Mar 29 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
21 Tue, Apr 3 Representation of State for Planning and Learning continue
22 Thu, Apr 5 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
23 Tue, Apr 10 Affordances Stulp et al. (2012) Learning and Reasoning with Action-Related Places for Robust Mobile Manipulation
24 Thu, Apr 12 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
25 Tue, Apr 17 Learning High-Level Control Policies TBA
26 Thu, Apr 19 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
27 Tue, Apr 24 Learning from Demonstration Spriggs et al. (2009) Temporal Segmentation and Activity Classification from First-person Sensing
28 Thu, Apr 26 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
29 Tue, May 1 Grounding Conceptual Knowledge TBA
30 Thu, May 3 Demonstrations and Discussions n/a
31 Fri, May 11 Final Project Presentations: 1:30-3:30 Project

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