CS 4163/5163: Embedded Systems: Schedule

Note: schedule is subject to change.

DEH = Designing Embedded Hardware
MEGA8 = The Atmel Mega8 technical manual (see the Atmel HOWTO).
ECP = Embedded C Programming

Class # Date Topic Reading Assignment Due
1 Tue, Jan 20 Class Introduction
2 Thu, Jan 22 Electronics I: Ohms/Kirchoff's Laws; Resistors DEH 65-80 (through Resistors)
Ohm's Law
Voltage Dividers
Network Analysis
3 Tue, Jan 27
4 Thu, Jan 29 Electronics II: Diodes DEH 90-93 (Diodes) HW 1
5 Tue, Feb 3 Problem Solving in Art Dick Higgins, Statement on Intermedia Wolf Vostell (ed.): De-collage (decollage) * 6, Typos Verlag, Frankfurt - Something Else Press, New York, July 1967
Peter Frank, The Arts in Fusion: Yesterday and Today(handout) Hans Breder/Klaus-Peter Busse (ed), Intermedia: Enacting the Liminal
Vannevar Bush, As We may Think, The Atlantic Monthly, 176(1):101-108
Alan Touring, Computing Machinery and Intelligence, Mind: A Quarterly Review of Psychology and Philosophy 59(236): 433-460. October 1950.
Project 1: Human Prosthetics Response to reading 1
6 Thu, Feb 5 Microcontroller Architecture
Digital I/O Interface
DEH Ch 1 (Architecture review)
MEGA8 pp. 9-16
DEH pp. 42, 43 (Bit masking)
MEGA8 pp. 51-54 (I/O Ports)
(optional) ECP pp. 105, 106 (Parallel I/O)
7 Tue, Feb 10 Human Prosthetics Presentations Project 1: Prosthetics Presentation
8 Thu, Feb 12 Atmel Programming Basics DEH p. 123 (ESD)
Project 3: Digital I/O Install AVR tools on laptop (compiler, etc.)
HW 1
9 Tue, Feb 17 Project Discussion: Sentient Environments and Non-Linear Story Telling Richard A Bolt (1980), Put that There: Voice and Gesture at the Graphics Interface
Karl E. Steiner and Jay Tomkins (2004) Narrative Event Adaptation in Virtual Environments, Proceedings of the 9th international conference on Intelligent user interface, ACM Press, pp. 46-53
Andre Silva, Guilherme Raimundo, and Ana Paiva1 (2003), Tell Me That Bit Again... Bringing Interactivity to a Virtual Storyteller In Virtual Storytelling: Using Virtual Reality Technologies for Storytelling. Springer, pp. 146-154
Project 2: Case Study Response to reading 2
10 Thu, Feb 19 Finite State Machines for Control A gaming example (focus
on all but the last section)
The ultimate garage door opener
11 Tue, Feb 24 Case Studies Project 2: Case Studies Presentations
12 Thu, Feb 26 Timers and Counters I MEGA8 pp. 69-75 (Timer0/Timer1)
(optional) ECP pp. 109-113 (Timers/Counters - NOT interrupts)
13 Tue, Mar 3 Timers and Counters II MEGA8 p. 123 HW 2 Project 3: Digital I/O
14 Thu, Mar 5 Interrupt Handling MEGA8 pp. 46-47 (Interrupt table)
(optional) ECP pp. 97-105 (Interrupts)
(optional) ECP pp. 113-119 (Interrupt examples)
(optional) ECP pp. 129-132 (Timing/interrupt examples)
14.5 Mon, Mar 9, 4:00, SRTC Linda Smith Lecture Alfredo F. Pereira, Linda B. Smith, Chen Yu, Social coordination in toddler's word learning: interacting systems of perception and action , Connection Science, 20(2):73-89
Linda B. Smith and Cynthia Breazeal (2007), The Dynamic Lift of Developmental Process Developmental Science, 10(1):61-68
Response to reading 3
15 Tue, Mar 10 In-class discussion with Linda Smith
16 Thu, Mar 12 Art of Presentation Project 4 HW 2
- Tue, Mar 17 Spring Break
- Thu, Mar 19 Spring Break
17 Tue, Mar 24 Group Project Proposals Project 4: Proposals
18 Thu, Mar 26 In-class discussion with Ken Feingold Project Presentation (informal)
18.5 Thu, Mar 26, 4:00, FJM Ken Feingold Lecture Ken Feingold, The Interactive Art Gambit (do not run! we are your friends)
Ken Feingold, The Subject of Artificial Intelligence, commissioned by The Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH), Stockholm. Sweden for the seminar “Art and Artificial Intelligence," October 2002
Response to reading 4
19 Tue, Mar 31 Digital to Analog Conversion DEH p. 248 (PWM)
Digital to Analog Conversion
20 Thu, Apr 2 Analog to Digital Conversion DEH pp. 229-245 (ADC and sensors)
MEGA8 pp. 196-205
Analog to Digital Conversion
(optional) ECP pp. 141-146 (ADC and the Atmels)
HW 4
21 Tue, Apr 7 Group Work in Class
21.5 Mon, Apr 8, 4:00, SRTC Illah Nourbakhsh Lecture Working with a robot: Exploration relationship potential in human-robot systems, D. Bernstein, K. Crowley, I. Nourbakhsh. Interaction Studies Special Issue on Psychological Benchmarks of Human-Robot Interaction. pp. 465-482. Vol 8, Issue 3, 2007.
The Neighborhood Networks Projects: A Case Study of Critical Engagement and Creative Expression Through Participatory Design, C. DiSalvo, I. Nourbakhsh, D. Holstius, A. Akin, M. Louw. Proceedings of the 2008 Participatory Design Conference, Bloomington, Indiana. 2008
Response to reading 5
22 Thu, Apr 9 In-class discussion with Illah Nourbakhsh Project Presentation (informal)
23 Tue, Apr 14 Serial I/O I TBA Project 5: Checkpoint
24 Thu, Apr 16 Serial I/O II DEH Ch. 8 (I2C)
MEGA8 pp. 161-171
(optional) ECP pp. 158-160 (I2C on the Atmels)
HW 4
25 Tue, Apr 21 Group Work in Class
26 Thu, Apr 23 In-class discussion with Sri Dharma Mittra
26.5 Thu, Apr 23, 4:00, FJM Sri Dharma Mittra Lecture A Recent Interview with Dharma Mittra , Russian Yoga Magazine, November 2003 Response to reading 6
27 Tue, Apr 28 Group Work in Class
28 Thu, Apr 30 Group Work in Class
29 Tue, May 5 Group Work in Class
30 Thu, May 7 Final Project Presentation Project 6: Final Presentation to the Public
- Fri, May 8 Final Project Documentation
31 Thu, May 14, 1:30-3:30 Class report preparation

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