AME 3623: Embedded Real-Time Systems: Projects

For this year's project, we will be developing a control system for a hovercraft. Our new hovercraft consists of a vertically-oriented ducted fan for lift and braking, and three lateral ducted fans for heading control. The craft is equipped with a compass for absolute heading sensing, a rate gyroscope, three cameras for lateral velocity sensing and multiple analog distance sensors.

During the course of the semester, we will be developing this system through a sequence of milestone projects. The ultimate goal is for the hovercraft navigate through a sequence of corridors while avoiding obstacles.

Grading Note

All students are required to take primary responsibility for the coding for at least three separate projects. For these, the student must be the primary writer and debugger of the projects. This does not mean that this must be done in complete isolation, but must take primary responsibility for their completion.

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