AME 3623: Project 4

At the end of this project, you should be able to:

Component 1: Microcontroller Circuit

The new hardware for this project includes: The current amplifier board is composed of two full H-Bridge circuits. We will be using one full H-Bridge to control each of the four fans on board your hovercraft.

The detailed documentation for the motor control board can be found on the Pololu Web site. Below is a picture of the H-Bridge board:

Motor/Power Connections

Add wires to connect the motor control board to the fans and to the batteries (6 screw terminal connectors on the right side of the board):

H-Bridge Control Connections

Connect the H-Bridge boards to your Teensy chip (the 15 pin connector on the left side of the board):

Component 2

Create the function interface that will generate the direction and PWM signals for each of the inputs to the motor control board.

Implement the following functions:

Use the following Arduino function to set the duty cycle of a PWM pin:

analogWrite(pin, duty);
where pin is an Arduino pin index and duty is a value in the range 0 ... 255.

Component 3

Implement the following in your loop() function:

Note: it is okay in this case for you to have one or more loops within your loop() function.

What to Hand In


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