AME 3623: Project 3

At the end of this project, you should be able to:

Component 1: Microcontroller Circuit

The current amplifier board is composed of two full H-Bridge circuits. We will be using one full H-Bridge to control the lift fan (allowing us to control rotation speed and direction). We will split the other H-Bridge into two "Half Bridges": one for each of the left and right fans. This will allow us to control speed of these two fans, but not direction.

The detailed documentation for the motor control board can be found on the Pololu Web site.

The diagrams for the power wiring harness and the amplifier board are shown below. When adding the power amplifier board to your breadboard, place it on the edge as far away as possible from the microcontroller board. In subsequent projects, you will be adding multiple components to the breadboard, so keep the rest of the breadboard as clear as possible.

Add wires to connect the motor control board to the fans and to the batteries (6 screw terminal connectors on the right side of the board picture below):

Connect the current amplifier board to your Atmel chip (the 15 pin connector on the left side of the board in the picture below):

Power Wiring Harness

Power Amplifier Board

Component 2

Create the function interface that will generate the PWM signals for each of the three PWM inputs to the motor control board.

Define a new variable type in a new file called "project.h"

typedef enum {
} MotorDirection;

MotorDirection is the new variable type. STOP and HOVER are the two values that MotorDirection variables can take on. Remember to include "project.h" in your C file.

Implement the following functions:


Component 3

Implement the following in your main() function:

Within your main while(1) loop:

What to Hand In


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