AME 3623: Project 8: Position-Derivative Control

At the end of this project, you should be able to:

Component 1: Hardware

Component 2: Software

Implement the following function:

Structure your main() function as follows:

  1. Initialize and read current heading to use as the goal.

  2. Wait for the switch to be pressed. While waiting, read both the gyro and compass, displaying both rotation rate and heading error.

  3. Ramp up middle thrust until the craft begins to rotate.

  4. Wait for the switch to be pressed again. While waiting, execute the following control loop:

  5. Wait for 5 seconds, then set forward_thrust to something positive (and interesting) for another 5 seconds. While waiting, perform the same control loop as above. Note that you will be able to use the "counter" variable to make the decision of when to turn on forward thrust and when to stop this loop.

  6. Turn off all fans

  7. Enter infinite while() loop.

Component 3: Testing

What to Hand In

All components of the project are due by Thursday, April 16th at 8:00 am.


Personal programming credit: Group grade distribution:

Group Grading Rubric

Grades for individuals will be based on the group grade, but weighted by the assessed contributions of the group members to the non-personal programming items.


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