Exercise 1: Mega2560 Interface

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Instructions: as you complete each component, demonstrate to the instructor or the TA and have them sign off on it.


C Development Environment

Note: Each person on team must be signed off on this step by today.

Adding Outputs

  1. Hardware: Double-stick tape your Arduino board to the prototype board (use a small amount of tape). Connect +5V power and ground to the power and ground busses on the protoboard
  2. Hardware: Connect at least four LEDs to different outputs (it is best if these are on the same port and contiguous pins)
  3. Software: Write a test program that shows that all LEDS work independently of one-another
  4. Software: Write a program that displays an interesting sequence of LED patterns

Adding Inputs

  1. Hardware: Connect another pin on the same port to +5V through a resistor. Connect this same pin through a "switch" directly to ground. In this case, our switch is two pieces of wire: one connected to ground, the other to the pin. To "close" the switch, we simply touch the two wires together.
  2. Software: augment your above program so that it does not start the LED sequence until after you close the switch

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