Embedded Systems (AME 3623) Schedule


Note: this schedule page is subject to change through the course of the semester.

Class # Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
1 Jan 15 Course Introduction
2 Jan 17 Circuits Review Voltage, amperage, resistance, capacitance
Kirkoff's current law
RC Circuits
DEH pp. 65-86 (through RC circuits)
DEH pp. 90-93 (Diodes)
Ohm's Law
Series and Parallel Circuits
Kirkoff's Laws
3 Jan 22 Digital Logic I Boolean Algebra
Digital circuits
DEH pp. 98-109 (Digital Signals; Timing; Logic)
Basic gates
Implementation of gates
Boolean Algebra
4 Jan 24 Digital Logic II Circuit representation and reduction Derived gates
XOR function
HW 1
5 Jan 29 Digital Logic III Circuit reduction continued Two-input multiplexer
Intro to logic (don't worry about the physical circuits)
6 Jan 31 Sequential Logic I Memory with flip-flops
Ripple counters
Binary numbers
D Flip-Flop description
D Flip-Flop (interactive demonstration; focus on the behavior, not the circuit)
7 Feb 05 Processors I Registers, memory
Arithmetic Logical Units
Execution Process
DEH pp. 1-10; 16-19; 26-29 (Architecture basics)
DEH pp. 277-284 (Atmel microcontrollers)
(optional) ECP pp. 87-94 (Atmel memory)
HW 2 HW 1
8 Feb 07 Processors II Digital I/O ports on the Atmel
Digital I/O in C
(optional) ECP pp. 105, 106 (Parallel I/O Ports)
9 Feb 12 Processors III HW 1 discussion
Bit masking
DEH pp. 42, 43 (Bit masking)
10 Feb 14 Project 1 Basics of Atmel Mega8 Programming
Digital Input and Output
DEH p. 123 (Safety)
(optional) ECP pp. 1-10; 12-30; 33-38; 41-47 (C Programming review)
Project 1 HW 2
11 Feb 19 Device communication Serial RS232
Serial I/O with oulib
DEH pp. 180-190 (RS232 basics)
12 Feb 21 Serial communication on the Atmels
Atmels in Practice
Atmel circuits in practice
HW 2 discussion
Handling components
DECH pp. 153-156 (Circuit building wisdom)
(optional) ECP p. 172 (getchar/putchar); pp. 180,181 (printf); pp.185-186 (scanf)
13 Feb 26 Project 2 Compass interface and yaw control
Heli interface
Project 2 Project 2 Project 1
14 Feb 28 Counters and Timers I Counter/timer implementation in the Atmel ECP pp. 109-113 (Timers/Counters - NOT interrupts)
15 March 04 Counters and Timers II Counter/Timer control in C HW 3
16 March 06 Interrupts I Mechanics of Interrupts DEH pp. 10-12 (Interrupts)
DEH pp. 30-34 (Assembly language)
(optional) ECP pp. 97-105 (Interrupts)
17 March 11 Midterm Review HW3 discussion HW 3
18 March 13 Midterm
- March 18 Holiday I: no class
- March 20 Holiday II: no class
19 March 25 Interrupts II Programming interrupt handlers in C (optional) ECP pp. 113-119 (Interrupt examples)
(optional) ECP pp. 129-132 (Timing/interrupt examples)
20 March 27 Project 3 Sonar interface and distance measurement
Heli height control
Project 3 Project 2
21 April 01 Finite State Machines I FSM theory and examples A formal description of FSMs (read pp. 1-3)
22 April 03 Finite State Machines II FSMs for control A gaming example (focus
on all but the last section)
The ultimate garage door opener
HW 4
23 April 08 Finite State Machines III FSM implementation in code
(optional) ECP pp. 75-80 (FSMs in code)
24 April 10 Project 4 FSMs for heli mission control Project 4 Project 4 Project 3
25 April 15 Digital to Analog Conversion D2A with PWM
Parallel D2A
DEH p. 248 (PWM) HW 4
26 April 17 Analog to Digital Conversion Successive approximation
Implementation in code
DEH pp. 229-233 (ADC)

(optional) ECP pp. 141, 142 (ADC on the Atmels)
HW 5
27 April 22 Blimp Control for Planetary Exploration Guest: Dr. James Montgomery, Jet Propulsion Laboratory AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT CONTROL FOR A TITAN EXPLORATION AEROBOT
JPL Autonomous Helicoper Testbed: A Platform for Planetary Exploration Technology Research and Development
28 April 24 Interfaces I HW 4 discussion
DC motor control
DEH pp. 249-256 (H-bridge; Encoders) Project 4
29 April 29 Interfaces II
HW 5
30 May 01 Final Review HW 5 discussion

Note: this schedule page is subject to change through the course of the semester.

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