Embedded Systems (AME 3623) Schedule


Note: this schedule page is subject to change through the course of the semester.

Class # Date Topics Reading Assignment Due
1 Jan 16 Course Introduction
2 Jan 18 Circuits Review Voltage, amperage, resistance, capacitance
Kirkoff's current law
RC Circuits
DEH pp. 65-86 (through RC circuits)
DEH pp. 90-93 (Diodes)
3 Jan 23 Digital Logic I Boolean Algebra
Digital circuits
DEH pp. 98-109 (Digital Signals; Timing; Logic)
Basic gates
Boolean Algebra
4 Jan 25 Digital Logic II Circuit representation and reduction Derived gates
XOR function
HW 1
5 Jan 30 Digital Logic III Circuit reduction continued Two-input multiplexer
Intro to logic (don't worry about the physical circuits)
6 Feb 01 Sequential Logic I Memory with flip-flops
Ripple counters
Binary numbers
D Flip-Flop description
D Flip-Flop (interactive demonstration; focus on the behavior, not the circuit)
7 Feb 06 Sequential Logic II Circuit design with flip-flops
Synchronous counter design
Up-down counter (no simplification of circuit) HW 2 HW 1
8 Feb 08 Processors I HW 1 discussion
Registers, memory
Arithmetic Logical Units
Execution Process
DEH pp. 1-10; 16-19; 26-29 (Architecture basics)
DEH pp. 277-284 (Atmel microcontrollers)
ECP pp. 87-94 (Atmel memory)
9 Feb 13 Processors II Digital I/O ports on the Atmel
Digital I/O in C
DEH pp. 42, 43 (Bit masking)
ECP pp. 105, 106 (Parallel I/O Ports)
10 Feb 15 Processors III HW 2
11 Feb 20 Project 1 Basics of Atmel Mega8 Programming
Digital Input and Output
DEH p. 123 (Safety)
ECP pp. 1-10; 12-30; 33-38; 41-47 (C Programming review)
Project 1
12 Feb 22 Device communication Serial RS232
HW 2 discussion
DEH pp. 180-190 (RS232 basics)
13 Feb 27 Serial communication on the Atmels
Atmels in Practice
Serial I/O with oulib
Atmel circuits in practice
Handling components
DECH pp. 153-156 (Circuit building wisdom)
ECP p. 172 (getchar/putchar); pp. 180,181 (printf); pp.185-186 (scanf)
HW 3
14 March 01 Project 2 Compass interface
Heli interface
TBD Project 2 Project 1
15 March 06 Counters and Timers I Counter/timer implementation in the Atmel ECP pp. 109-113 (Timers/Counters - NOT interrupts)
16 March 08 Counters and Timers II Counter/Timer control in C TBD HW 3
17 March 13 Midterm Review HW3 discussion
18 March 15 Midterm
- March 20 Holiday I: no class
- March 22 Holiday II: no class
19 March 27 Interrupts I Mechanics of Interrupts DEH pp. 10-12 (Interrupts)
DEH pp. 30-34 (Assembly language)
ECP pp. 97-105 (Interrupts)
20 March 29 Project 3 Sonar interface and distance measurement TBD Project 3 Project 2
21 April 03 Interrupts II Programming interrupt handlers in C ECP pp. 113-119 (Interrupt examples)
ECP pp. 129-132 (Timing/interrupt examples)
22 April 05 Digital to Analog Conversion D2A with PWM
Parallel D2A
DEH p. 248 (PWM)
23 April 10 Analog to Digital Conversion Successive approximation
Implementation in code
DEH pp. 229-233 (ADC)
ECP pp. 141, 142 (ADC on the Atmels)
HW 4
24 April 12 Finite State Machines I Theory and examples A formal description of FSMs (read
pp. 1-3)
- April 16 Project 3
25 April 17 Project 4 Light sensor interface DEH pp. 237-240 (Light sensor)
Project 4 HW 4
26 April 19 Finite State Machines II FSMs for control A gaming example (focus
on all but the last section)
The ultimate garage door opener
HW 5
27 April 24 Finite State Machines III FSM implementation in code ECP pp. 75-80 (FSMs in code)
28 April 26 Blimp Control for Planetary Exploration Guest: Dr. James Montgomery, Jet Propulsion Laboratory AUTONOMOUS FLIGHT CONTROL FOR A TITAN EXPLORATION AEROBOT
JPL Autonomous Helicoper Testbed: A Platform for Planetary Exploration Technology Research and Development
HW 5
29 May 01 Interfaces
HW 4 discussion
DC motor control
DEH pp. 249-256 (H-bridge; Encoders) Project 4
30 May 03 Final Review HW 5 discussion

Note: this schedule page is subject to change through the course of the semester.

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