AME 3623: Project 4: FSM/Sensor Integration

In projects 2 and 3, you designed a FSMs for high-level control and for the processing of sequences of analog signals, respectively. In this project, you will combine the components that you have developed to form a new behavior.

The learning goals for this project include:

Project Due Date

The project is due on Thursday, April 27th at 5:00pm.

Groups may choose to do either task A or B.

Robot Task A

Design Process

You will be able to solve this problem using a 4-state FSM; think carefully about this.

Coding Steps

This part requires the following:

Robot Task B

This version of the task is a generalization of your project 2 code.


What to Hand In

Project Report

Your report should include the following: The reports are due at 5:00 on April 27th. Please turn these in using the D2L dropbox (one copy per group) in either postscript or pdf format.

Personal Reports

Your personal report must include the following information: The personal reports are due at 5:00 on April 27th. These must be turned in via D2L in raw text format.

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