Subversion Notes

Subversion is a program similar to "Dropbox": we use it to keep a set of folders and files in sync across a set of computers. In particular, we will be using it to securely share your code across your group (and with the instructor and TA). The key differences from Dropbox are:



Getting Started

Subversion trees for each of your groups have been created and pre-loaded with folders for each of your projects (and a test project). Below are the instructions for connecting to these trees:


Unix (Mac or Linux)

Note that these are only local copies of your group's folder. You will have to take additional steps to share your changes and to receive changes from your other group members (see below).

Using Subversion


Unix (OSX and Linux)

The commands below assume that you already have an open terminal window and that you have "cd'ed" to the subversion folder of interest.

File/Folder Color Codes in Windows

Once a file/folder is part of a subversion repository, your file browser will color code the file icons. Here are the key colors:

Notes for All

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