AME 3623: Project 9: Finite State Machines

At the end of this project, you should be able to:

Project Outline

Your hovercraft will be placed at a location and orientation on the field. Your craft will take the following steps:
  1. Wait for the switch to be pressed.

  2. Record the current orientation. This will be your goal orientation.

  3. After a 5-second delay, ramp up the middle fan to a point where the craft begins to turn (as measured by the gyro).

  4. (perhaps) Slightly drop the middle fan thrust.

  5. Move forward until a wall is detected to the front.

  6. Stop

  7. Make a 90 degree turn to the left

  8. Move forward until another wall is detected to the front.

  9. Stop, including shutting down all fans.

Component 1: Hardware

If you have not already, re-add the distance sensors. One should be mounted on the front of your craft; the other should be mounted to either the left or right side.

Component 2: Finite State Machine

Design your FSM on paper. This FSM must accomplish all of the above steps, including handling the start from the switch press and the stopped state.

Component 3: Software


What to Hand In

All components of the project are due by Thursday, April 27th at 9:00 am.


Personal programming credit: Group grade distribution:

Group Grading Rubric

Grades for individuals will be based on the group grade, but weighted by the assessed contributions of the group members to the non-personal programming items.

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